Let’s be honest – we all dream of enhancing the assets we have.

When we enter the bedroom we want to feel confident that not only are we able to satisfy our partner, but that our erections are rock hard, ready and look amazing.

We want those extra inches. We want the reassurance that when the moment comes our partners will literally be blown away. We want to succeed EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And that is what the following 3 supplements are MORE THAN capable of offering.

Each is 100% naturally and uniquely formulated to rejuvenate your erections; improve your blood flows and equip your body with the nutrients to boost testosterone, nitric oxide and LH production to new heights.

They can restore balance and order to your body, whilst enabling you to enjoy the wildest orgasms of your life.

And I should know, as I have tried and tested each and every one of them.

You see, I know what it’s like to discover a product and sit there dubious about their promises. However, unlike you, I had no help or guidance on which route to take.

So instead of wasting hours – and more importantly your money – on useless products; below I have put together a comparison of my top 3 male enhancement supplements, so you can benefit from an unbiased view into their world and what they have got to offer.

Max Performer

Max Performer

This male enhancement supplement currently ranks top on my list, as by far it is the best and most effective male enhancement product that I have ever used.

Despite only being on the market since 2015, Max Performer has gone from strength to strength in its ability to revitalize your erections; improve your stamina and libido, and increase your energy, blood flow, and testosterone.

I used Max Performer for their recommended guarantee period of 90 days and even within the first month, I knew that I wouldn’t be asking for a refund. After just a few short weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my recovery time, endurance, and longevity; whilst maintaining an erection had never been easier.

And by the end, my ejaculate and orgasms were more powerful, and my penis looked and felt firmer and longer.

Another thing that Max Performer has got working for them is their package deals. You can choose between a one month supply to 6, and benefit from numerous savings. The 6 month supply is easily their best offer, providing real value for money of just $33 per box, or even better $8 per week.

Yet for optimum results, you only need to use Max Performer for a minimum of 3 months. However, given their incredible prices, I would personally opt for their 6 month supply as their all-natural ingredients will only continue to improve the functionality of your blood flows, testosterone, and sexual well-being.

To discover more about how Max Performer can improve your sexual prowess, stamina, and erection strength. click here to check out my full review or visit https://www.maxperformer.com to place your order today.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

If you would rather use a more established brand and don’t mind paying a bit more (for smaller packages); then VigRX Plus is the supplement for you.

Not only has VigRX Plus spent years acquiring a strong and professional reputation within the male enhancement market; this supplement can offer your erections all the improvements it could ever crave.

VigRX Plus provided me with just as good erectile results as Max Performer and easily managed to improve the thickness, firmness, and longevity of my erections.

The only downside to VigRx Plus is that their packages are smaller than most and are considerably more expensive (1-6 months) than other brands.

This means if you’re working on a budget but want to use this supplement you’ll need to invest big. Of all their deals, their 12 month offers the best value for money at $31 a box; however, if you opt for this deal you need to be prepared to use it for the long run.

However, if you don’t mind paying more for a supplement that can easily prove the quality of their ingredients and the longevity of their results (through countless testimonials), then VigRX Plus is definitely worth a try.

They recommend using their supplement for 3-4 months in order to achieve optimum results, and I agree that to get the most out of their pill you need to stick to this time limit, as their results, for instance, are not as fast as Max Performer.

To learn more VigRX Plus, its ingredients and how it works; click here to check out my full review or visit https://www.VigRXPlus.com to place your order today.

Male Extra

Male Extra

Ideal for guys who prefer taking capsules instead of tablets; Male Extra is a very effective way to quickly improve the strength, firmness, and longevity of your erections.

I found their results to be particularly powerful and noticed a considerable improvement to the hardness and staying power of my erections within the first month.

Now whilst my body was fairly quick to respond to its nutritional uptake; for optimum results, I suggest keeping to their 3-4 month recommendation as this will give your body plenty of time to start enjoying its sexual perks.

Yes, this time frame exceeds their 60-day money back guarantee; however, there is little doubt that you’ll have noticed a difference in your performance and rigidity levels before this deadline. These additional 2 months are simply there to ensure that you benefit from all its health perks and more.

What I also love is Male Extra’s additional gifts of free bottles and erection gels (which come with their larger package deals), as they can prove helpful if you plan to combine this supplement with penis exercises.

However, if you’re looking for real value for your money, I suggest opting for their 4 bottle deal as you’ll receive 2 free extra bottles of Male Extra as well as 2 packs of erection gel.

To find out more about this enhancement pill and what it can do for your erections, click here to read my full review or visit https://www.maleextra.com to place your order today.

Final Thoughts

All three of these male enhancement supplements are unique as they easily fulfill their promises of transforming the way you perform in the sack. By enriching your body in essential nutrients, with their support, you can boost your natural testosterone and nitric oxide production, and ensure that you achieve harder, stronger and thicker erections as well as the stamina to keep her satisfied all night long.

Whichever one you choose to buy, you can feel confident that all 3 can provide you with good, lasting and memorable results.

  • Max Performer – they may be a newer brand; however, Max Performer can easily supply you with powerful results and great prices on their smaller packages.
  • VigRX Plus – the more established brand of the 3, VigRX Plus can similarly provide your body with powerful results. Admittedly, they are the most expensive, yet you can find great savings with their 12-month package deal.
  • Male Extra – renowned for its fast results, Male Extra differs from the rest as it comes in the form of a capsule and not a tablet.

Yet if you still cannot decide if they are worth the risk, why not check out my comparison table below where I have compared all 3 brands side by side.