Reputed to help you achieve bigger, firmer erections so you can give the bedroom performance of your life; Male Extra can supercharge your sex life and stamina whilst helping you to enjoy thicker, longer lasting erections.

Using a powerful fusion of proven natural ingredients, Male Extra works to increase blood flow to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, enabling it to hold more blood, increase in size and maintain a harder, thicker erection for longer.

Now, this little number made my top 3 male enhancement pills list due to its unique ingredient list.

What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a naturally formulated male enhancement supplement that uses a natural infusion of herbs and extracts to stimulate increased blood flow so you can achieve more powerful, stronger erections.

Produced and sold by Wolfson Berg limited, they have acquired a strong reputation over the last decade for supplying quality, leading supplements.

With Male Extra you can enjoy:

  • Increased confidence
  • Bigger, firmer, longer lasting erections
  • Powerfully intense orgasms
  • Improved longevity and stamina – giving you all night staying power

How Does Male Extra™ Work?

During an erection the tissues in your penis fill with blood, enabling it to become erect and penetrate your partner. Male Extra focuses on fulfilling this need for increased blood flow, by striving to boost the oxygenation of your cells and encouraging your penile tissues (corpora cavernosa) to hold more blood.

The more oxygen, nutrients, and blood these tissues receive; the harder your penis will become. In fact, this increased blood flow can cause the cells to replicate within your erectile tissues, enabling your penis to increase in volume so it can handle this extra blood. By doing so, this can cause the girth and length of your penis to increase, which as an added bonus can produce longer lasting, more satisfying erections, but more interestingly more intensely powerful orgasms.

Similarly, this extra oxygen can help deliver essential nutrients to your cells faster, helping to delay fatigue and boost your stamina.

L-Arginine HCL (600mg)

l-arginineThis amino acid plays an essential role in boosting blood flows as it is converted into nitric oxide which is vital for relaxing and widening blood vessels. As you can guess, the more blood that reaches your penis during arousal, the harder your erections will become. As a result, l-arginine is commonly used to improve sexual performance and erection quality.

In one study l-arginine was found to improve participants’ ability to maintain an erection by up to 37% (after taking it daily for a month); whilst in another study 31% of participants witnessed significant improvements to their erectile problems – achieving thicker, firmer erections after 6 weeks.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (500mg)

pomegranteOne of the few male enhancement products to contain this antioxidant enriched ingredient; pomegranate plays a prominent role in this supplement due to its ability to improve blood circulation. In just 8 weeks, men drinking this daily experienced better erections, whilst in another, participants suffered from renewed energy levels and less tiredness during exercise.
In turn, the antioxidants in pomegranate help to protect nitric oxide from free radical damage, instead allowing the nitric oxide to do its job of widening blood vessels and enhancing blood flow.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – 100mg)

msmAn organic form of sulphur, MSM is a mineral that can help support blood flow and protect tissue/cell health. Without it, your cells can become weak and unable to build strong, healthy new cells.

Male Extra have utilised this mineral to stimulate the growth of healthy, new and flexible cells in your penis so it is better equipped to hold more blood and help you to achieve firmer, bigger erections.

L-Methionine (100mg)

l-methionineAn essential amino acid, L-Methionine is believed to stop the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine. Whilst histamine is essential for achieving climax, too much of it in your body can cause you to ejaculate more quickly and suffer from premature ejaculation. By lowering your histamine levels, this amino acid can help you to last for longer, perform better and delay your climax until you’re both ready.

Zinc (as Citrate -14mg)

zinc citrateZinc play an important role in maintaining testosterone production. In studies, when this essential mineral was reduced in participants’ diets, this zinc drop led to a 75% drop in testosterone within 20 weeks. However, when increased, participants’ testosterone levels doubled.

And without the right levels of testosterone in your body, low levels can negatively affect your libido and erection quality. That is why Zinc plays a key part in Male Extra as it can protect your body from zinc deficiency; maintain your testosterone levels and revitalise your libido.

Cordyceps (25mg)

cordyceps mushroomUsed for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac, Cordyceps can help to increase your sex drive and sexual function (thanks to its 2 chemicals deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid). These both have the power to directly affect the area of your brain that is responsible for sexual desire leading to over 50% of participants in one study witnessing an increase in their sex drive, whilst in another 64% noticed improvements to their erections.

Niacin (Vitamin B3 – 18mg)

niacinNumerous studies have found niacin capable of boosting blood flows by helping your vessels to relax and widen – thus allowing those with erectile dysfunction to witness clear improvements to their erection quality and longevity.

It is also reputed to help reduce fatigue, re-energise your body and bolster your stamina.

Does Male Extra REALLY Work?

Whilst Male Extra contains all of your favorite blood flow/testosterone boosting ingredients i.e. l-arginine; Male Extra is the only one to include pomegranate 40% ellagic acid which is renowned for its ability to boost nitric oxide production (which is necessary for widening blood vessels and encouraging increased blood flow).

By taking 3 pills a day, Male Extra can help you to overcome erectile problems and leave you with firmer, more powerful erections capable of producing stronger orgasms (for you both).
But this is not all…

Alongside helping to increase blood and testosterone levels in your body – thus helping you to stay harder for longer and fight fatigue – Male Extra customers have also reported 0.8-2.6 inch gains to their penis size over a 3-6 month period (when used every day)

Order Process, Shipping + Unboxing

Placing an order is easy, straightforward and can be completed online using just a credit card. Once done, you’ll receive an instant order confirmation email outlining the details of your order.

Now, I’ve got to confess that it took a while for my order to be dispatched which was more than a little disappointing. However, once the ball got rolling my order arrived discreetly and hidden within the plain grey packaging. And this is great news if privacy is important to you, as no one will know what you’ve ordered.

My only recommendation to Male Extra is that they add an express shipping option to their order system, as this would greatly improve their service.

My Results

I used this all natural supplement for 60 days, yet within the first week, I noticed considerable changes in my energy levels. No longer lethargic or excessively tired; Male Extra gave me renewed energy and vitality. I suddenly felt invigorated, more easily aroused and upon completion, my orgasms felt more intensely powerful as my penis was more sensitive and alert.

This was partially due to the firmness of my erections and the visible increases to my girth. I gained a good half inch on my width, which made a huge difference between good sex and heart-stoppingly incredible intercourse.

My partner also enjoyed more intensely satisfying orgasms, as not only was I able to perform for longer, but my increased girth hit all the right spots driving her into wave upon wave of ecstasy. Even she commented on the fact that my dick felt thicker and harder than it had done in the past.

Male Extra Dosage + How To Use For Maximum Results

Unlike order top brands, you need to take 3 capsules of Male Extra every day to achieve optimum results. I boosted the benefits of this versatile supplement further by combining it with plenty of exercise and fluids. These helped to get my circulation going and ensure the easy migration of ingredients/nutrients around my body.

For this test, I took my 3 capsules with real lemon juice during the morning, and have to admit I felt the effects of this supplement rather quickly.


Satisfaction guaranteed – with their 60-day money back guarantee

Increased penile size – many  brands claim to offer penis growth; however Male Extra can offer you credible statistics taken from past clients showing average gains of 0.8-2.6 inches (when Male Extra is taken from 3-6 months)

100% safe, all-natural ingredients – not only are their ingredients backed by clinical studies, but they have been purposefully chosen to combat erectile problems and improve erectile stamina.

No negative side effects – the only effects you’ll see are positive ones to your testosterone, erections, and sexual desire.

Potent Formula – Optimized dosages for fast results


Results take time – so you’ll need to be patient. Whilst I personally noticed a change in 2 weeks, Male Extra are open about the fact that you’ll need to use their supplement for at least 30 days before you see a real difference.

No Express Shipping – like I mentioned before, Male Extra’s shipping time could be faster, especially if they added an express delivery option.

Now whilst this is not a deal breaker for most – as good things always come to those who wait – if you’re looking for faster results, then prompt delivery is a must.

4 Things You NEED To Know BEFORE You Buy Male Extra

If Male Extra has peaked your interest, you may also be fascinated to know the following facts about this reputable male enhancement supplement:

#1 – Male Extra is based in the UK

Located in the UK, this British company have been assisting men for over 5 years with their penile and erection issues, establishing a strong reputation within the industry.

#2 – Orders Are Shipped From UK + USA

To cater to their diverse and global client base, they have got warehouses in both the UK and the USA, enabling them to deliver on a wider scale.

#3 – PayPal + Card Payments

Male Extra provide two payment options: the choice to pay by credit card or through PayPal.

#4 – Money Back Guarantee Details

Male Extra offer the following guarantee: should you use 2 full bottles of their product and for any reason remain unhappy with the results; you can return any used and unused bottles for a full refund within 60 days.

How To Get The Best Deal On Male Extra


For the best deals, I always recommend buying in bulk or opting for their bigger package deals, as these can offer you immediate savings.

Male Extra, for instance, offers 3 packages – 1)1 bottle, 2) 4 bottles (+ 2 free) and 2 free Pro Erection Gel, and 3) 3 bottles (1 free) and free Pro Erection Gel.

Where To Buy Male Extra Pills


By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m an advocate for buying from official websites. This is because when you buy direct you can’t go wrong. Not only can you trust that you’re buying the genuine product that you’ve been reading about, but their ingredients will be of the highest grade and quality.

More importantly, you can enjoy the reassurance of their 60 day money back guarantee, in the unlikely even you see no results, you can get your money back.